About Us


For more than 10 years Brilliance Jewelers has been a standout amongst the most trusted names in gems industry. Splendor possesses and works settled top of the line gems stores. We are resolved to make each client “feel at home” with our customized administration and our exemplary to forefront gems outlines. Our years of experience and administrations have manufactured a legacy of respectability and trust with our clients.

We understand that individual taste, styling and outline are critical to you when you choose to make your gems buy. Our point is to give quality administrations and items with the most noteworthy level of consumer loyalty. Our internationally sourced outlines express your remarkable identity and suit your way of life. We will actually help you to choose the careful style and plan that will commend the essential events and turning points of your life.

Brilliance Service

All Brilliance items accompany the administration and quality whereupon we have fabricated our notoriety in the course of the most recent 10 years. We offer our clients an extensive variety of plans to commend the critical snippets of their life. Our own relations with our clients have become throughout the years and we esteem the trust you have set upon us. We help you to choose the ideal style to suit your way of life. For us no inquiry is excessively unimportant. You will get our own administration and point of interest regard for each buy you will make.

Brilliance People

When anyone asks: Why purchase from Brilliance Jewelers? Our demonstrated record of achievement settles on us the best decision as your own diamond setter. Brightness individuals are qualified specialists in the gems business, with unfathomable learning of adornments outline and administrations. Individuals keep on updating themselves of the most recent patterns and advancements in the gems business. We guarantee you that your visit with us will be a lovely and in the event that you ought to end up a client, than you will dependably remain a fulfilled client.

Brilliance Products

We have a marvelous gathering of exemplary to bleeding edge gems plans and exceptional styles that sustain your feelings and upgrade the delight of blessing giving and accepting. The motivation for our gems outlines originates from our clients and in addition the gems exchange demonstrates that we take care of source the most recent and most inventive adornments items from over the globe. At Brilliance Jewelers, you will locate a wide determination of fine gems, from stunning Bridals, exquisite Fashion Rings, lovely Earrings and Pendants, to appealing Bracelets and also numerous Unique and Custom Styles. Our fabulous scope of adornments is studded with an assortment of jewels, emeralds, rubies, sapphires, tanzanite, pearls, sea green/blue and other semi-valuable gemstones. We have a dazzling accumulation of gold and silver adornments and also numerous watch brands to give you a wide range to browse for each event.

Brilliance Quality

Brilliance Jewelers ensures you full fulfillment and worth for your cash. We are over the top about quality. We manage the finest makers over the globe that takes after the most astounding gauges of workmanship. We examine each bit of gems and ensures it takes after our strict inside gauges of value control. Our methodology makes it conceivable to offer our client extreme fulfillment from each point of view, be it valuable metal throwing, stone setting, cleaning, completing, style and plans or before and after deals administrations. No inquiry is excessively immaterial. You will get customized administration and you can anticipate that our strict considerations will everything about.

Brilliance Value

As your prime hotspot for fine adornments, we guarantee to give you the best esteem for your time and cash. Look over our wide determination of immortal and style forward outlines that satisfy your one of a kind way of life or event at the most focused rates combined with our own before and after deals administrations. We guarantee that you will be content with your involvement with us.

Ten Reasons to Buy from Brilliance

A Quality You Can Trust

Purchasing gems is about trust. You can believe us since we are a dynamic piece of your group. We bolster neighborhood philanthropies and volunteer our opportunity to bolster nearby causes. Each and every bit of gems we bring experiences strict quality review by our Certified Gemologist before it makes to our showcases.

Growing With You

As we get more seasoned, we now and again get bigger as well. We will ensure your adornment develops with you by resizing your rings and adding connections to wristbands, accessories and watches. On the off chance that you turn out to be extremely effective sometime down the road, you might need to update a wedding band, without supplanting it, by adding a match to your unique focus jewel and a bigger focus precious stone between them. Our association with you will endure forever. Truth be told, for some families, it extends for eras.

Individual Style

In reality as we know it where large scale manufacturing and volume retail is turning out to be more basic, numerous individuals settle for treat cutter adornments. Volume retailers arrange each style by the thousands. You’ll see anything you purchase there again and again, notwithstanding when you go to different towns. Be that as it may, when you purchase from us, you can pick styles that have been hand chosen only for your individual taste. Truth be told we remember singular clients when we continue purchasing trips and may choose something only for you. You will get singular administration that you can never get from an immense organization that purchases in mass for all its stores.

Not Just a Face in the Crowd

You are imperative to us: as a companion, a neighbor, and an individual, not simply one more face in the group. We will recall your commemoration and will even know which style your companion attempted on amid a late visit. What’s more, we will help you manufacture a closet that works: we can recommend a few studs to coordinate an accessory you purchased a year ago. When you step in your life, such as getting connected with or commending the introduction of a youngster, we see that it is so imperative to make the minute match the feeling and can help you customize your buy.

Care and Cleaning

Do we think about you, as well as we think about your adornments as well! Cleaning rings, wrist trinkets, pieces of jewelry, and hoops keeps them wonderful. Get your rings each year or two to have the prongs checked to ensure that you never lose a gemstone. We offer this as a free administration to clients. At the point when your gems look great, we look great as well! Just nearby diamond setter considerations to ensure that your adornments stays wonderful until the end of time…

Competitive Pricing

You may be amazed at how aggressive we can be. We have a place with an effective purchasing bunch which products our purchasing power by several stores so we can arrange astounding qualities on the gems we select for you. We make a trip far and wide to purchase our precious stones direct from the source and pick every jewel we offer for most extreme excellence and worth. Try not to be tricked by the beguiling 80 percent off offers that obstruct your post box: we offer you fair esteem each day.

Professional Advice

When you purchase at a chain store or a mass dealer, the individual behind the counter may have sold vehicle parts or frozen yogurt the prior week. When you purchase from us, you will get a word of wisdom from an expert, somebody who eats, inhales and dozes gems. We have gemological preparing, read proficient diaries to stay up with the latest, go to exchange fairs and courses and take in about the items we offer. We can help you be an informed purchaser and pick the adornments that is simply ideal for your way of life.

Authorized Dealers

We are an authorized merchant for all the brands we convey. This is particularly imperative for watch brands, since dim business sector watches are frequently not secured by guarantees. Truth be told, they may even be fakes! The creators of regarded brands realize that we will remain behind their items with the right sort of item instruction and after-deals support. As an approved merchant, we additionally have entry to the most recent, most sought after styles of the season. Ensure the brand you purchase is honest to goodness by purchasing it in our store.

Attention to Detail

We by and by select every bit of adornments and gemstone in our cases. We don’t offer adornments from some focal distribution center. Since we offer just what we ourselves painstakingly select, we have unrivaled quality control. At the point when a mass trader purchases a large number of things, regularly conveyances are just spot-checked. Since we mind enough to take a gander at each gems piece before purchasing it, shouldn’t you? In the event that you purchase from a site or from TV, the piece you get may not be what you are anticipating. At our store you can look at changed pieces next to each other, see the distinction precious stone qualities make, furthermore attempt on adornments before you purchase.

Designs of Your Dreams

In case you’re not getting what you need, we can discover it or make it for you. On the off chance that it’s something straightforward, you may discover it in the inventories from our favored suppliers and it can be extraordinary requested for you. Furthermore, we likewise offer custom adornments, with your decision of configuration and gemstones. You can redo an old piece that you don’t wear or make your adornments plan a truth; it’s dependent upon you, let us making your gems dreams work out.